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Principal's Message

Principal's Message 

Welcome to a new school year!  Teachers and staff are planning for a wonderful year of learning and growth founded on God's amazing, unfailing Word!  Bulletin boards are up, floors are polished, and nametags are in place.  Seems like we are nearly ready to open doors!


Much more, though, is needed.  Please pray or simply read through this list of ways to start a good school year.  Let's launch it well!


J Bless your children and pray for them daily and more often.  Pray for those to whom you entrust their care and learning.


J Have items on hand such as extra supplies for homework, projects, and for celebrating student effort.  The $5-7 is well worth it. A star chart can go a long way with an elementary student…


J Have a talk with the family as a group and even individually about your hopes and support for them over the year.  Write down some of these things and refer to them.  Avoid putting them down as rules. Instead, consider writing them as goals or even "tools" for help.

  1. Examples:  As a family we will watch only 1 hour of TV daily, M-Th, but we will all read for 20 minutes.  (Any reading will do) -OR-  
  2. Mom will not be on the phone, texting, cooking, cleaning, or doing bills for 15 minutes each night at 7:15 to sign assignment book planners and/ or answer homework questions.  When she doesn't know the answer, she will let the teacher know. (We all have those times!)


J Run through book bag packing, shoe finding, and clothing organizing.  Practice how you'll leave in the mornings.  Write up a schedule if needed.  Include the things that must be done each day.

  1. 6:40 wake up, brush teeth, wash face, tidy hair, get dressed in easy-to-match school clothes; 7:10 check packed bag (from night before) for PE uniform (Gr 5-8), shoes, books, binder, planner, lunch, and apple for the teacher; 7:18 into the car; arrive for breakfast at school at 7:32.


J Check out your Fast Direct subscription and start using it with teachers and others.


J Answer the question "how will I serve at school this year?" Let office staff know.


J Make prompt payments to avoid costly late fees.   LSUS does not receive these fees.  They stay with the company to offset costs of recovering payments.   What a waste of money.  


J Ask, ask, ask!  Share, share, share!  Thank, thank, thank!  Give hugs all around!


We start this year with the theme verse!

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.   

Colossians 3:17

May this year be especially wonderful for you and your family!  May the additions and changes you encounter in life strengthen you and bless you.   Here's to a great start!



Mrs. Krista Nagy,