Lutheran South Unity School

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School Profile

Why should you consider a Lutheran education?

  • Enhancement of spiritual growth - As parents, it is your job to ensure your children are being grounded in their faith, a faith that will not leave them as they become adults. Your children may be attending Sunday school, but think of how much more their daily walk with God will be enriched as they are being taught Bible stories and Christian values five additional days per week.

  • An atmosphere of Christian love and support - In a world that is increasingly secular and anti-religious, we believe it is imperative to nurture a saving faith in children to prepare them for their lives as Christian adults, positively contributing to society. Bible stories, Christian values and memory work are taught every day. Students partner for daily all-school devotions and weekly chapel services where prayer, Christian concern, and support is shared.

  • Continuity - Children are learning the same Christian values at school that they learn in their Christian home and church.  The Christian values of their family are reinforced at school.

  • Christian peers for your children - In today's society, peer pressure to participate in unwholesome activities is strongly present at younger ages than ever before. LSUS provides your children with Christian friends who come from families that are dedicated to Christian education.