Allison Wims


Ms. Wims has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in Theater. For ten years she has been working with children. During seven of the years she has substituted with FWCS and EACS, two years she has served as a professional tutor, and finally was founder of Brain Geeks Learn. She has also served as Marketing Chairperson for the National Juneteenth celebration. Ms. Wims has a seventh grade daughter, Olivia Rush, at LSUS.

She loves all animals and absolutely enjoys going to the beach whenever the opportunity is available. Writing poetry and performing it is another love of Ms. Wims. Finally, she enjoys creating with her hands.

The church she attends is New Covenant. Maya Angelou has said, “Nothing will work unless you do!” These are some words of wisdom that she would like to pass on to the LSUS family.