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Welcome!, Theme Verse for the year, Hispanic Heritage Month, America

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Lines, Apples, Fall Leaves , Plates, Owls, Cat on Rug

  • Kindergarten Lines3
  • Kindergarten Lines2
  • Kindergarten Apples
  • Kindergarten Fall Leaves
  • Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Owls
  • Kindergarten Cat on a Rug
  • Kindergrten Turkeys
  • Kindergarten Shapes
  • Kindergarten Early Americans

1st Grade

Sea Turtles, Nazca Lines, Keith Haring Art, Organic Shape Monsters, Apples

  • 1st Grade Nazca Linesb
  • 1st Grade Nazca Linesa
  • 1st Grade Sea Turtles 2
  • 1st grade keith haring art
  • 1 Organic Shape Monsters
  • 1 Apples
  • 1st Grade Kandinski Circles

2nd Grade

Textured Snakes, Patterned Leaves, Suns, Textured Owls, Pumpkins

  • 2nd Grade Textured Snakes
  • 2nd Grade Patterned Leaves
  • 2nd Grade Textured Owls
  • 2nd Grade Pumpkins w Owls
  • 2nd Grade Plates
  • 2nd Grade Flags

3rd Grade

Bubbles, Hot Air Balloons, Poems (see Phoenix Flash newsletters Oct. 9 & 16 to read the poems), Warm and Cool Colored Sunsets

  • 3rd Grade Bubbles
  • 3rd Grade Hot Air Balloons
  • 3rd Grade Sunset
  • 3rd Grade Poems
  • 3rd Grade

4th Grade

Architecture, Shape Robots, Lively Leaf Watercolors, Color Wheel Eyes

  • 4th Grade Archite
  • 4th Grade Shape Robots
  • 4th Grade Lively Leaf Watercolors
  • 4th Grade Color Wheel Eyes

5th Grade

LOVE, Hundertwasser, Press On, Hands, Patterned Pumpkins

  • 5th Grade Love
  • 5th Grade Hundertwasser
  • 5th Grade Press on
  • 5th Grade Hands 2
  • 5th Grade Patterned Pumpkins
  • 5th Grade Map

6th Grade

Color, Castles, Exploding Shapes, Aztec Sun Stones, Op Art Pinwheels, Topography

  • 6th Grade Color
  • 6th Grade Castles
  • 6th Grade Exploding Shapes
  • 6th Grade Aztec Sand Stones
  • 6th Gade Pinwheel
  • 6th Grade Topography
  • 6th Grade Pastels

7th Grade
Paul Klee Creations, Shapes, Molas, Pop Can Art

  • 7th Grade
  • 7th Grade Shapes
  • 7 8 paper molas2
  • 7th Grade Pop Can Art
  • 7th Grade Autumn Trees

8th Grade

Illuminated Letters, Zentangle Flowers with a twist, Paper Molas

  • 8th Grade Illuminated Letters
  • 8th Grade Flowers
  • 7 8 paper molas2