Students and staff utilize many different online platforms. Here are some of the most popular links that are used at LSUS:

  • Fast Direct - - Parents can check grades and pay their tuition bill. Call the office for help with access.
  • Class Dojo - - Parents can join the teacher's classroom to monitor student behavior, send and receive messages from the teacher, and see photos and other reminders on the class story. The classroom teacher can provide you with the class code.
  • Google Classroom - - Students can access their "online classroom" for online assignments, e-learning assignments, or remote learning. The classroom teacher will provide the student with the class code.
  • IXL - - Students can access their IXL practice assignments (IXL can also be downloaded as an app)
  • HMH Ed - - Students can access their reading textbooks and view online assignments
  • Moby Max - - Students can access online assignments and practice skills
  • EdPuzzle - - Students can access videos with quiz assignments from teachers
  • Quizlet - - Used in the middle grades for vocab and practice quizzes