Jordan B

Beverly Jorden


Beverly Jordan attended IPFW earning her nursing degree. Her career has taken her to long term care, behavioral health, and medical surgery and Lutheran Hospital Endoscopy facilities.

Beverly is married to her high school sweetheart, Lafayette Jordan for forty years, together they have six adult children, nine grandchildren and one great grandson.

Beverly comes to LSUS after losing her BFF in 2017, her 102 year old mother in 2018 and the tragic loss of her oldest son to domestic violence in 2019. After much prayer, praise and gratefulness to all mighty God, Beverly gave in to the prodding of one of LSUS’s grandparents to apply for the position of school nurse. Becoming an employee of LSU Beverly found Principal Nehrenz to be a kind and all-around wonderful person, Administrative Assistant, Melanie the wind beneath her wings and Computer Geek Baysah has the patience of an angel. The entire staff of LSUS has been extremely welcoming and great people to work with.

Some of Beverly’s favorite pastime activities are traveling, visiting family and friends, cooking different varieties and new dishes, watching television series, mostly on HBO and most of all playing with her grands. Beverly lives by the motto “always stay in touch with your inner child”.